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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


Medukha steeps age-old village melodies in contemporary psych-rock soundscapes. Having sprouted in 2020 with a live-streamed performance for Razom for Ukraine, Medukha has gone on to play festivals, basements, and living rooms across New York and Pennsylvania. The arrangements, originally consisting of acoustic guitar accompaniments to existing folk songs, have expanded to include synth-and-guitar-led rock instrumentation. While continuing to experiment and evolve, Medukha also leads workshops in the traditions of Eastern European vocal polyphony. Matt Genkin of the band You Want Milk offered us this thoughtful statement: “Medukha's music resolves the following contradictions without effort: grief and playfulness, historical depth and currency, professionalism and vulnerability, bedroom lo-fi and Eastern European folk. To anyone with Eastern European heritage who is alive in today's culturally ambiguous globalized world, this music is especially healing.”

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