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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

John Shaughnessy

John Shaughnessy has had a lifelong fascination with the catchy tune. His album release a decade ago, "Re-occurring Dream" was the realization of a deliberate "melting pot" artistic vision, bringing together many styles into the mix. Now 2022 finds Shaughnessy returning to form after a long hiatus with new output, including a series of singles. John developed his style organically by soaking up all the local sounds, creating something unique while drawing liberally from his influences. And while eclectic, it’s all very “accessible”, with its strong foothold in pop tradition, and John’s pleasant, emotive vocals at the forefront - a performer who typically delivers a tour-de-force of pop music gems that will stay with you, playing on repeat, over and over in your head.

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