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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

The Naked Sun

Fronted by singer-songwriter, Drew Harris and guitarist Tim Campbell, the Naked Sun has been a staple of the Philadelphia music scene since forming in 2011. After spending the mid-aughts in the Baltimore, MD, eclectic and robust music scene, Harris moved home to his native Philadelphia to start a rock band with a little more edge than the folky “streetgrass” stylings of his previous bands. Harris and Campbell met in Campbell’s South Jersey home, exchanged tunes, and started making music together. Soon after, the Naked Sun would go on to win the WXPN Beta Hi-Fi Festival, the band recorded their first EP, “Space, Place, and Time,” and started playing shows. Flash forward to today, Harris and Campbell are joined by Dylan Mulcahy on drums, and Bradley Moser on lead guitar. The follow up record to their debut LP, War With Shadows, is a 6-song record record entitled, Modern Life, released on January 27th, 2023. The Naked Sun mixes sounds familiar to bands like Wilco, the War on Drugs & MMJ.

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