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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Brian Shapiro

Los Angeles native Brian Shapiro is a musician, performer, and educator. Shapiro’s work is about transformation and the will to create a more grounded and meaningful life. Through multiple genres, he explores the struggle to hold on to one’s convictions in the face of growing up in a world filled with smoke and no mirrors. Shapiro dismantles anger and disappointment piece by piece, rearranging it into something far more constructive. Shapiro tackles the very human desire to transcend our beginnings and become more than what we were, as he builds new narratives designed to heal and inspire. Shapiro’s storytelling focuses on themes of distorted thinking, the idea of what it means “to be normal,” and the question of how to accept hard truths we may not be ready to accept. Shapiro has been called a “keen observer in his songwriting capacity” with a “freewheeling creativity” that “sparkles with skewed humor.” His songs are said to be “percolating with idiosyncratic intelligence.”

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